the $75,000 PER Day Man

Ezra Firestone is the course instructor and he's a masterful teacher who relies on his experience of having built multiple seven figure ecommerce businesses throughout the years. His best brand right now generates over $75,000 per day in sales.

World Class Content

Lifetime access to hundreds of videos, PDFs, and standard operating procedures (SOPs).1 A course curriculum built around several thousand pages of feedback from Amazon sellers who went from zero to six, seven, and eight figures. Every step in the process has been documented and made available to you.

Full On Support

The Smart Marketer team that will support you includes Carrie, the Creative Director. Boris, the Chief Marketing Officer. Nick, the Lead Developer. Mike, the Chief Strategy Officer. Chris, the Lead Designer. Pepijn, the Chief Platform Officer. Samantha, the Video Editor. Rubin the CRO Manager. Steve, the Customer Service Manager. Jay the Social Media Manager. And Jeff, the App Specialist.

Robust Members Area

A fully responsive members area that you can access on desktop, tablet and/or mobile phone and be able to easily get the content that you want, when you want. In addition, a unique badge and belt system lets you track your progress and milestones as you go through the Operation Physical Products course.

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(Sunday, January 15th, 2017 at 11:59 PM Pacific)

Bonus #1

Amazon Listing Optimization Guide

There is no one alive who has personally critiqued and optimized individual Amazon listings than Jason Fladlien.

Jason is already known as one of the best sales and optimization experts in the world before Amazon was a thing... now having spent thousands of hours of helping people improve their conversion on Amazon, you're going to find nothing better anywhere else than in this guide:

Here's just a taste of what you'll discover:

  • Product Titles - how to get 20+ keywords into your title AND at the same time make it sing to a customer, who can't resist by clicking through to your listing and buying your product!
  • Key Product Features - a single trick that takes less than 10 minutes to perform that can use on your fourth and fifth bullet points to easily triple your sales... and that's not even the best benefit!
  • Product Description - the one thing 99.9% of even the best Amazon sellers overlook that can make all the difference between a four figure month and a six figure month!
  • Reviews - the DNA of the perfect reviews and how to guarantee your customers give you reviews that make the competition envious!
  • Image Secrets - 11 different types of images you can use in your listing to increase your click throughs, your sales, and the performance of your Sponsored Ads
  • And much, much more!

These are the same techniques that get results like this:

Note: This bonus will be made available to you during week 3 and will be delivered via our OPP Masters members area, which you can access from the "bonuses" section of the official Operation Physical Products member site.

Bonus #2

Ben Cummings Coaching Recordings

Ben conducted 3 coaching sessions over two months for our members (June & July 2016), you don't have to wait two months to get access to all his secrets, because all sessions were recorded and are available in the OPP Masters members area for you right away!

You get access to the latest, greatest cutting edge stuff that Ben Cummings does in his Amazon business. Keep in mind this is the guy who accomplished this (in a single day):

Not to mention this...

Want to know how he does this stuff? You'll find out in his cutting-edge group coaching program which you get access to!

Here's just a taste of what you will get...

  • The $10,000 Product Picking Method - ripped right from Ben's own seven figure Amazon business, this is his unique step-by-step methodology for picking winning products with an 80% chance of earning an avg. of $10,000 (or more) per month
  • How to Flood Your Listing With REAL, QUALITY, Amazon-Approved Five Star Reviews in 2 Weeks - the process for making that happen... even if you're outside the USA
  • How to Launch A New Amazon Product & Make It A Best Seller: Ben shares his exact "stair step" launch sequence, that literally tells the Amazon search engine your new product is "hot" and deserves a top ranking
  • Amazon 'Sales Multiplier' - exact email Ben uses to make your new Amazon product go viral. Works for any product (swipe file provided)



(no one else in the industry is onto this yet)

It's a 100% compliant way to launch a product and make it SURGE up the rankings, and at the same time drive in loads of QUALITY reviews.

What's the secret?

This is just too good to reveal to the general public.

Sorry, but Ben has identified an exploit that causes people to buy a new private labeled product like crazy, by using a certain sales angle that everyone else is overlooking. This comes with special 'template' for fast & easy deployment.

This will provide you a HUGE competitive advantage no one else has.

Hundreds of our customers have used Ben's methods to accomplish out-of-this-world results!

Note: Instructions on how to access this bonus will be delivered via the OPP Masters members area, which you can access from the "bonuses" section of the official Operation Physical Products member site.

Bonus #3

China Concierge

After hundreds of OPP Masters have used this service to get products sourced from China - it's safe to say we have perfected this process for you.

And what services do you get for free for 8 weeks from the China Concierge program? Here is a sample:

  • Find a supplier for the product you want to source
  • Communicate to the supplier what you need
  • Negotiate price on your behalf
  • Help you get samples so you can evaluate product quality
  • Help you place orders

Previous OPP Masters members have loved this service... and now you will too!

How it works is simple. Pick a product you'd like to source. Fill out a form in the OPP Masters members area.

The concierge will start finding suppliers and sending you quotes. He will also arrange for you to get samples and negotiate pricing on your behalf.

Once you decide on the product and supplier, he will help you place your order. You will be put in touch with the supplier and pay the supplier directly.

Note: You will get instructions on how to use the China Concierge program during Week 2 of the course and you will be able to use this service for free until one week after Module 10 is released.

Bonus #4

Sellics Software Suite

Everything you need to run your Amazon Business — integrated in one powerful tool!

You get full access to the whole suite including:

  • Profit Dashboard - Finally see how much actual profit you make on Amazon - in real-time!
  • Product Research - Find the most profitable products for your Amazon private label business in just a few clicks.
  • Ranking Optimization - Improve the keyword rankings of your products for all relevant keywords and boost your sales.
  • PPC Manager - Optimize campaigns for sponsored products with the only fully-integrated Amazon Ad Manager on the market.
  • Inventory Control - Never run out of stock again and know exactly when to place a reorder.
  • Competitor Monitoring - Always one step ahead - identify competitors, track their actual sales volume and follow every move they make.
  • Review Management - Make your customers happy and react to negative reviews instantly.

You get 10 credits with Sellics! A Credit can be used to monitor 1 Product or 1 Keyword.

Note: This bonus will be made available to you when Module 5 is released and will be delivered via our OPP Masters members area, which you can access from the "bonuses" section of the official Operation Physical Products member site.

Bonus #5

10 Keyword Inspector Credits

If you just copy and paste the right keywords into your Amazon listing you will get traffic. That is a fact.

The challenge is knowing what keywords to put in there, finding them, and then taking the time to analyze them and decide which to use.

What if I could make that "push button" for you and have it done in seconds? In fact I've done just that. I've partnered with the premiere service that uses over one billion data points to pull in and score the best keywords for you.

The result: you'll have enough keywords to easy handle your first product. Probably your first two products?

With a click of a button you get these keywords delivered to you in a spreadsheet as they relate to the product you want to sell... automatically ranked. Then you'll discover what to do for "Column E" that just flat out produces automatic buyers once your listing goes live on Amazon.

This is a massive advantage you're going to have over 99.99% of other Amazon sellers!

Note: This bonus will be made available to you when Module 2 is released and will be delivered via our OPP Masters members area, which you can access from the "bonuses" section of the official Operation Physical Products member site.

Bonus #6

Biggest Amazon Event Of The Year...

This event took place Feb. 19th - 21st and cost us over $250,000+ to put on... yet it was worth it! That cutting edge techniques, the best speakers, a professional camera crew? Whew!

Now you get access to this event that was just put on in February 2016...

Here's a taste of what was covered...

  • Karen Waksman shows how you can take products you sell on Amazon and get retail placement in Walmart, Target, Home Depot and other major retail stores!
  • Raul Meza breaks down his story of success selling on Amazon, including insights never before revealed
  • Shelby Larson explains exactly how to get Amazon reviews that can go viral
  • Alex Charfen breaks down his contribution equation to help make every day in your Amazon business more productive and effective
  • Ben Cummings shows how to make your products oustanding and irresistible
  • Dan Hollings shows you how to partner with existing businesses who already hvae audiences that you can help them exploit on Amazon for immediate profit sharing!
  • Jason Fladlien breaks down 3 brand new presentations never before seen!

And more!

Note: This bonus will be made available to you when module 9 is released and will be delivered via our OPP Masters members area, which you can access from the "bonuses" section of the official Operation Physical Products member site.

Bonus #7

The 'Best Seller' Matrix Software

This little tool can uncover perfect product after perfect product for you to source and sell on Amazon.

Accompanying this tool is training by Jason Fladlien on exactly how to use this to reveal products that are in high demand by consumers but unnoticed by most other of Amazon sellers!

Our users are getting better results for finding winning products (with a lot less competition) to private label with this software than any thing else they've tried.

Now you can join this small group of people who have this massive advantage. We will never sell this software. It's only available if you join OPP from this page.

This is a web-based tool so you don't have to install it or anything (it works on PC, Mac, Tablets, etc). Just click on the link "Best Seller Matrix" in our OPP Masters members area, push a few buttons and you're in business!

Note: This bonus will be delivered via our OPP Masters members area, which you can access from the "bonuses" section of the official Operation Physical Products member site.

Bonus #8

Amazon Intelligence & Follow-up Software!

See this guy right here:

He was one of the first people who started selling on Amazon with me. He then went on and created two amazing pieces of software to help him grow his own Amazon business...

  • SellerMail - automatically send emails to your customers after they purchase your products.
  • ManageByStats - to gain real-world intelligence and reporting on your business and your customers. Extremely powerful!!!

You're going to love how much more "hands off" money this will make you. Most sellers lose hundreds of thousands of dollars before they decide to get around to buying tools like SellerMail & ManageByStats.

How would you like to get what would be equal to about $782/yr in fees for free? And more importantly, set it up before you get customers so that way you never lose all the money you can make with an Amazon customer after they make their first purchase!

Note: This bonus will be made available to you when Module 4 is released and will be delivered via our OPP Masters members area, which you can access from the "bonuses" section of the official Operation Physical Products member site. You will be able to download and process up to 500 transactions per month with ManageByStats and send up to 2,000 messages per month with SellerMail. Additional transactions and.or messages will required a paid subscription plan.

Bonus #9

Sponsored Ads for Profit & Rank

Having run over 880 campaigns on Amazon Sponsored Ads, Jason Fladlien has seen some stuff. Along the way he has figured out an approach to Amazon Sponsored Ads that can be described in one word: profitable.

In this step by step video training, Jason presents to you the most up to date and powerful way to use Amazon Sponsored Ads to make money and catapult your ranking in Amazon's search results.

Note: This bonus will be made available to you when Module 3 is released and will be delivered via our OPP Masters members area, which you can access from the "bonuses" section of the official Operation Physical Products member site.

Bonus #10

AmazoLocal Training

What we teach you to do on Amazon... actually has an exploit completely off of Amazon.

Even better - it can be done in a way to leverage what you'll discover in the OPP Masters community... to grow your Amazon business without even adding any additional inventory.

This is a method first discovered by an OPP Master himself who we are now paying to license this information from to be able to share it with you. This guy is someone who is so clever with this stuff that Amazon itself refers customers to him!

Note: This bonus will be made available to you when Module 7 is released and will be delivered via our OPP Masters members area, which you can access from the "bonuses" section of the official Operation Physical Products member site..

Amazing Private Facebook Group Called
OPP Masters!

This is a secret Facebook group that you will be given instructions on how to join when you purchase OPP from this page.

This group was first created on Tuesday, March 12, 2013 at 3:35pm and every month since it's gotten more and more valuable.

For example, members have uploaded files, documents and other things that they find helpful that they'd like to share with other OPP Masters. For example look:

We started adding files in early 2013 and have kept adding since then!

There are over 150 files (documents, reference guides, spreadsheets and other helpful things) to enhance your selling on Amazon. You will not find anything like it anywhere.

It's amazing what happens when you put 5,150+ people together who all work and help each other be successful on Amazon. Join us by signing up on this page today!

Your Commitment & Our Guarantee To You

We only want to work with serious people who want to build a real business. If that's not you, then you should not join this program.

If you are committed to being successful, then we are committed to YOUR success, and as long as you take action we're confident that you'll be successful with Operation Physical Products (OPP).

This is why we absolutely guarantee your investment in this life-changing course for 60 days. If you are not completely satisfied with your results, we will refund 100% of your investment today, as long as you do the following:

It basically boils down to this... you commit to us that you will follow the program and we commit to you that you will succeed. If for some reason you don't, then simply request your money back. 5

IMPORTANT: This program does not come with an unconditional money back guarantee. When you join this program, you agree that the only way to request and be granted a refund is to demonstrate you have met the criteria of the guarantee explained above. See the footnotes section at the bottom of this page for complete details on how to qualify and request a refund.

Are you ready to build a real business that can change your life, real assets that be passed on to your children or grandchildren? If you are serious about this, then...

Sign up now!

WARNING: This Offer Expires In

1 When you invest in the Operation Physical Products course, you will have lifetime access to the core course curriculum and any core curriculum updates. Lifetime access is defined as the period of time during which the content is commercially viable. In this case, it means a minimum of 12-months from the date of purchase and up to several years after your purchase.

2 Each week from the date of your purchase, a new module will be made available to you in the Operation Physical Products members area (10 total modules, including the module 1, which is available immediately following your purchase). In order to qualify for the money back guarantee, you must accomplish all measurable action steps in the each of the first 6 modules within 60 days of your purchase today.

3 As part of our bonus package you will have access to our private Facebook group (OPP Masters), where we will share knowledge, answer questions, and help you in any way we can. You need to participate in the group by sharing your current progress at least 4 days per week (on different calendar days). For purposes of this requirement, the "week" will start 3 days after you purchase the course. You must follow the instructions in the OPP Masters members area to get access to our Secret group. Delays in you joining the group will not excuse you from this requirement. For the sake of clarity, questions or comments in the group do not qualify as a progress report. A progress report must clearly indicate what you have accomplished so far in the training since your last progress report.

4As part of your bonus package for purchasing Operation Physical Products today, you will also have access to the bonuses described on this page. The bonuses have been selected to help you be even more successful. Make sure you access the bonus section when you get in the members area and make use of the bonuses as you go through the training modules and build your business. If you have questions about any of the bonuses make sure to ask in the OPP Masters Facebook group.

5 In order to request your money back, you must contact us between 61 and 75 days after your purchase today. Please send an email to with your request. We will then schedule a quick web meeting with you to jointly verify you have accomplished all of the action steps in modules 1 through 6 and progress report posting requirements as described above. You agree that you must satisfy all of the above requirements, without any exception, in order to qualify for the money back guarantee. When you submit a request to you will receive an automatic confirmation that your request was received (within 5 minutes or less). If you do not receive this confirmation, please check your SPAM folder and be sure to whitelist our email address, otherwise, please send another email, ensuring you are sending the email to the correct address. You may also submit your request in writing, via a trackable delivery method (such as UPS or FEDEX) to the following address:

Rapid Crush, Inc
27240 Turnberry Ln, Ste 200
Valencia, CA 91355

Note: By purchasing the Operation Physical Products course, you agree that there are no exceptions to these requirements for any reason whatsoever. In order to qualify for a refund, you must meet all of the criteria and timelines detailed above. Whether you email us or send us your request in writing, your request for a refund must be received between 61 and 75 days after your purchase.


With one product only

7 weeks of pure selling with one product only.

This Business becomes much easier when you apply the 80/20 rule.

To Your Success, See You At The Top!


Only 10 days from $5K to $10K

Weird - just sold 45 of my product in the last hour, possibly to someone for some nefarious reason. The good news is that it's put me over the $10K mark.

It took 6 weeks to get from $2K to $5K, and only 10 days from $5K to $10K.


Buy a #1 Listing

Jason Fladlien's "Buy a #1 Listing" Strategy works! Getting my $10K Badge! Keep going fellow OPP Masters!

The knowledge, support, and tools are all here!


"Only had $250 to start with..."

I'm making between 10-12K per month... I only had $250 to start with, so I'm loving this business model... After graduating from school, I couldn't find a job. And that's how I got into looking for ways to make money.

I can't even remember how I found out. (I started learning about IM through the Warrior Forum).


"I am smiling, I am so, so, so happy"

I was painfully aching to re-create my life and a sustainable livelihood for my children and myself to enable our moving forward (ending in poverty was DEFINITELY NOT an option!!!)

Jason, when you read this I might have passed the 10K ... (screen capture below)

I am smiling, I am so, so, so happy & grateful and I am exuberantly filled with appreciation.

THANK YOU * THANK YOU * THANK YOU, Jason & Wil & RCI Team and to all resources, bonuses, gifts made available to me...



"Our fast success has been because of Jason & Wilson"

I can honestly say that our fast success has been because of Jason & Wilson's Rapid Crush bonuses including the amazing and supportive private Facebook group, additional private one-on-one coaching for product selection and Listing optimization, and special secret software/blueprint to rank my product quickly and get organic traffic and sales from Amazon.


"Grateful for the help"

The road from 5k to 10k was shorter than I expected - a pleasant surprise!

Grateful for the help & support provided by everyone in this wonderful group.


"An hour or two a day... AT THE MOST"

I'm active at my kids' school and will be running for State Rep in my district this fall, so I love that things are going slow and steady without much effort on my part.

I'm probably only putting an hour or two a day into this right now- AT THE MOST.

I feel really fortunate to be a part of this group. You guys have gone above and beyond, and I attribute the bulk of my success to having come in under you guys..

Oh and here's the other interesting bit of info...when I was cranking out product and I hit product made it to the bottom of page 1 for 1 afternoon but has kind of just permanently stayed at number 19-22 on page 2..... so I was selling a TON- on PAGE 2!!


"Follow the Guide to a Tee"

I joined thru Jason and Wilson, we just received our 10K in a month! Thank you to all the Champions here for all your support.

Just follow the Training to a T, and uses the additional tools that Jason and Wilson gives us. My Family truly appreciates this Great Group of Champions!